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[NEW] UgCS EXPERT monthly subscription for LiDAR surveys »»»
[NEW] UgCS EXPERT monthly subscription for LiDAR surveys »»»

Introductory course: How to start your drone show business

The course will allow you to look at the drone show industry from the inside, gain knowledge that will give a general understanding of what the drone show business consists of and analyze in detail the steps to launch your first drone show.

4 educational blocks

1. Drone show economics (expenses and revenues)

2. Creation of a drone show choreography using the newest technology "Drone Show Creator"

3. Studying local requirements for launching a drone show and gaining knowledge on how to overcome them

4. Preparation of a presentation for the sale of the drone show to customers and investors

During the course, you will also receive

  • Instructions and materials for each educational block
  • Consultations of mentors after completing each homework for a detailed analysis of the results
  • Access to the next block opens after completing homework and analyzing it with a mentor
  • Advice and recommendations from drone show industry experts
A few more important points about the course:
  • 100% individual approach, online consultations from drone show experts via Google Hangouts
  • The course consists of 4 online sessions
  • Course language: English
  • Approx. 6 hours to complete the course
  • The suggested pace of the course is 2 hours per week (45 min. online part, 75 min. homework)
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