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[NEW] UgCS EXPERT monthly subscription for LiDAR surveys »»»
[NEW] UgCS EXPERT monthly subscription for LiDAR surveys »»»

UgCS 14-day TRIAL

A 14-day limited trial gives you the ability to test the features of UgCS flight planning software for a limited time of 14 days. It features tools of UgCS PRO and UgCS EXPERT licenses and allows you to choose which UgCS license is right for your application.

If you require assistance, UgCS Support team is always there for you during the trial. If you require any further assistance with UgCS - reach out to

UgCS trial is one-time use. After the trial, purchase a UgCS license or a subscription to keep using it.


All features of UgCS PRO + UgCS EXPERT, including LIDAR survey planning tools (currently compatible with DJI M300, M600, M210/200).

Supported Drones

Limited 14-day TRIAL

  • One-time use
  • No fees
  • Cancels automatically after 14 days
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