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UgCS Licenses

Subscription + 14 day TRIAL

For new users looking to test UgCS.

14 days free*

then €99/month

per user, cancel any time, *one-time per user

Subscription with 14-day TRIAL for new users to test all features of UgCS EXPERT.

- One-time use
- Only for new users looking to test UgCS
- Automatic subscription after 14 days


Designed for professional drone pilots.


per user, perpetual license

One-time purchase. 
Includes first year's Annual Support & Update pack

or €149/month subscription 

Route creation from KML / CSV files. Create routes quickly by importing them from existing KML files.

Advanced terrain following. Preview the flight altitude with respect to elevation profile before flight. Adjustable terrain following AGL tolerance.

3D flight planning interface. Utilize full 3D-interface of UgCS to ensure flight safety.

Customisable map. Use default map and terrain elevation source or import your own custom DEM/DSM and map overlays.

LiDAR toolset. Plan and fly LiDAR missions with automated IMU calibration patterns and adjustable corner radius.

Corridor inspections. Create long corridor inspection flights with confidence.

Vertical flight planning. Automate building inspections by using UgCS' Vertical scan tool for planning flights on the vertical plane.

Go offline. UgCS does not require an internet connection. Cache maps and elevation for offline use and plan your flights even in the most remote regions of the world. Used by our own team in Greenland, PNG and other locations around the world.


For teams of multiple drone pilots.

On Request

All features of UgCS EXPERT plus features required for teams of drone pilots.

Included training for teams. UgCS ENTERPRISE includes 4 hours of training for your team.

Dedicated success manager. Dedicated engineer will work with you to achieve your goals with UgCS.

Up to 10 simultaneous drone connections. Connect multiple drones and use them together.

Fly multiple drones simultaneously. Add UgCS Commander to Enterprise and control multiple drones simultaneously.

Share your missions with the team. Set up a centralised UgCS server (locally or in the cloud) and share your routes and drone flight data across the team.

Priority customer support. Receive assistance when you need it.

Live video streaming. Set up UgCS ENTERPRISE video server and stream live geotagged video from your drones from anywhere in the world.
Discover video streaming with UgCS »»»

UgCS SDK. Use UgCS SDK to build custom solutions for your needs.
Discover UgCS SDK »»»

Supported Drones

UgCS stands for Universal Ground Control Software.
UgCS supports drones from different manufacturers, allowing them to be used within a single flight planning solution.
Discover the list of drones officially supported by UgCS. In case you are not sure whether your drone is supported, reach out to


*To connect DJI drones to UgCS, the (free) Android app UgCS for DJI is required.


DJI M30 series**

DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise series**

DJI M600, 600 Pro*

DJI M200 / M210 series*

DJI Mavic 2 series*

DJI Phantom 4 series (with SDK controller only)*

DJI Inspire 2*

DJI M100*

DJI Mavic Pro*

DJI Phantom 3*

DJI Inspire 1 series*



Other manufacturers

Autel EVO II series***

Freefly Alta X
(US-made, PX4 based)

Watts Innovations PRISM
(US-made, PX4 based)

Inspired Flight IF1200
(US-made, PX4 based)

Other MAVLink-compatible
Ardupilot/PX4 Multicopters

Other MAVLink-compatible

Ardupilot/PX4 Fixed-wing drones

Other MAVLink-compatible

Ardupilot/PX4 Helicopters

* To connect DJI drones to UgCS, the (free) Android app UgCS for DJI is required.

** DJI Mavic 3 series and M30 series drones are supported via route export from UgCS to DJI Pilot 2 (KMZ/WPML format). It is currently not yet possible to connect them directly to UgCS.
*** Autel EVO II series drones are supported in UgCS via route export from UgCS to KML. It is not possible to connect them directly to UgCS. Routes exported to KML format from UgCS can directly be imported into Autel Explorer app and flown.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating system
  • Windows 7 with SP1 or later; Windows 8; Windows 10/64-bit
  • Mac OS X Maverick 10.9 or later / 64-bit
  • Linux: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS / 64-bit

  • Core 2 Duo or Athlon X2 at 2.4 GHz

  • Recommended RAM: 4GB or more

Graphics hardware
  • Graphics card with DirectX 9 support (shader model 2.0). Any card made since 2004 should work

Hard drive
  • 2 GB of free space

Minimum supported screen resolution
  • 1024 x 768

Common Questions

Got Questions?
We have you covered!

If you have any technical questions, feature suggestions or require to report an issue, please fill in the form - we will be happy to assist you.

Email *

Question *

What device do I need to use UgCS?
  • For UgCS desktop software a computer running Windows/macOS is needed. All flight planning is done on the computer.
  • To connect DJI drones to UgCS an Android mobile device or DJI Smart Controller is needed to run UgCS for DJI - the free mobile app.
Is UgCS web-based or do I need to install it?
UgCS is not web based as we know how difficult it is to get an internet connection in remote regions where most of our customers are flying drones. That's why UgCS is installed locally on your computer and can run without an internet connection.
Where do I download UgCS?
Is an internet connection required to use UgCS?
UgCS gives the ability to cache maps and elevation for offline use. So an internet connection is only required for first activation of the license and caching maps of a selected regions. After that you can use UgCS in the most remote regions on Earth without the need to connect to the internet connecting - with the drone using only local network (which can be setup using a router or contemporary mobile device as hotspot).
How do I connect my drone to UgCS?
  • To connecting DJI drones to UgCS you need to have UgCS for DJI mobile app installed on either an Android mobile device or the DJI Smart Controller. The device then needs to be connected to the same local (internet is not required) network as the computer with installed UgCS installed and the drone will automatically appear in UgCS.
  • To connect other supported drones such as Ardu / PX4 - a connection is established over radio telemetry link (with ground radio being connected to the computer over USB) or WiFi (not requiring internet connection).
How can I know if my drone is supported?
Do I need an Android device to fly a DJI drone with UgCS?
To connect a DJI drone to UgCS you will need either an Android mobile device connected to the DJI remote controller (RC) via USB or the DJI Smart Controller.
How can I install UgCS for DJI on DJI Smart Controller?
Is a laptop required in the field to fly with UgCS?
A laptop/computer with installed UgCS is required for flight planning, which can be done either in-field or in the office.
With DJI drones and the free UgCS for DJI mobile app, flights can be saved on the mobile device for offline (i.e. offline from UgCS desktop) use, making it not necessary to take out the laptop in the field.

!!! However, it is still recommended to have the laptop with you in the field in case any modifications or adjustments of the route need to be done.

Is iOS supported for UgCS for DJI?
The development of UgCS for DJI iOS app is currently suspended, meaning - it has only bee tested with UgCS version 4.3 but not later versions. The iOS app most likely could work also with newer versions but some bugs can arise - use at your own risk.
We recommend to use the newest UgCS for DJI Android app.
Does UgCS support LiDAR IMU calibration?
Which LiDAR sensors are supported by UgCS?
Most LiDAR sensors can be used as long as they are carried by a UgCS supported drone. UgCS officially supported LiDAR sensors / manufacturers:
  • DJI L1
  • YellowScan
  • Phoenix LiDAR
  • GeoCue
  • Rock Robotics 
  • GeoSun LIDAR
  • 3DT Scanfly.

Can I import a route from KML/CSV?
In which format can I import DEM/DSM data?
The DEM/DSM terrain elevation data can be imported into UgCS as GeoTIFF (.TIF) format.
Is UgCS available in my language?
  • UgCS is currently available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Russian and Latvian languages. The language can be set in Main Menu -> Configuration -> Language. 
  • UgCS for DJI mobile app is available only in English.
Do you provide UgCS training as well?
Are there any video tutorials on how to use UgCS?
Can I fly vertical scan missions with UgCS?
Can I fly a route created in UgCS in DJI Pilot?
What is the difference between UgCS PRO, UgCS EXPERT and UgCS ENTERPRISE licenses?
Does UgCS offer a solution to process acquired data?
The UgCS Mapper software gives you access to a powerful processing tool allowing to perform in-field offline stitching of maps and creation of complex elevation profiles. The processed data can be imported "back" into UgCS and used to plan next flights. 
UgCS Mapper also supports stitching of multispectral imagery and even live mapping from video using UgCS ENTERPRISE.
Currently, UgCS Mapper does not support stitching of vertical scan imagery or LiDAR data processing.
Help! I've got a technical problem with UgCS, who do I contact?
Send a message to and we will do our best to help you!Please provide detailed information of the issue to speed up the support process:
  • which UgCS/UgCS for DJI version is installed,
  • description of the issue,
  • log files (attached .zip log folder to e-mail),
  • screenshots,
  • exported mission file,
  • license code.

Working hours of UgCS Support: Mo-Fri 09:00-18:00 (UTC+02:00).

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